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Timeline of Hall History

We have meticulously crafted a timeline that highlights the history of our hall. If you possess any events or information relevant to this narrative, kindly reach out and share your insights with us. As we approach the remarkable milestone of 100 years of service to our community in 2025, we are earnestly seeking to assemble a comprehensive collection of historical facts and photographs associated with the hall. Your contribution to this endeavor would be deeply appreciated as we strive to honor the legacy of our esteemed institution.


On November 11, 1918 the Armistice began on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, ceasing the firing and fighting in World War I. The Treaty of Versailles, signed on June 28, 1919, officially ended it. More than 122,000 Californians fought in the war, and nearly 119,000 returned home when it was over. A grateful state and nation looked for ways to repay them for their sacrifice.



"The Brentwood Post of the American Legion was organized on March 20 (1920); W. F. Wooley, president; R. J. Wallace, secretary-treasurer; Charles Forbes, first vice-president; Fay Donaldson, second vice-president." (Historical Record Company, Los Angeles, 1926. History of Contra Costa County California.)



The State of California authorized County Supervisors to acquire property for the Veterans memorial buildings across the state.  This code empowers these public officials to execute a range of pivotal duties. Among them, the authority to levy taxes for constructing structures that serve as enduring tributes, memorial halls, and vital meeting places for veterans. (The Political Code of the State of California adopted March 12, 1872.  With amendments up to and including those of the 45th session of the Legislature, 1923. Page 1226.)

"The buildings were paid for by a small direct tax, all of which has already been raised. On the threshold of each one is a brass plate reading ‘Dedicated to those who served’. While the halls are nominally in the custody of the American Legion, they are open to all veterans’ organizations. The Legion men have gone further and offered their use free to any and all patriotic, civic and welfare associations, such as the Boy Scouts, Red Cross, farm bureau, chamber of commerce and improvement clubs. They will be, in a manner, community halls." History of Contra Costa County CA with Biographical Sketches, Los Angeles: Historic Record Co., 1926 page 356 Editorial in the SF Chronicle (no date) quoted.


Danville Hall "To fulfill the earlier promise, the federal government made money available to local counties which, in turn, committed the funds necessary to build a Veterans Memorial Building in each town that had an American Legion Post. Local veterans had formed American Legion Post 246, and its charter was issued on January 24, 1921." (



"Counties were authorized by the U.S. and California State government to raise funds through a temporary sales tax to build Veteran Memorials. In 1922 the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors voted to approve this building program county-wide." (Joanne Rubio, El Cerrito Historical Society, January 2014)


"Following the end of World War I, government bodies and veterans’ groups across the nation began erecting memorials dedicated to those who served and to those who lost their lives. Using a federal initiative that authorized counties to raise funds through a temporary sales tax increase, Contra Costa County’s Board of Supervisors voted in 1922 to construct a memorial in every town that had an American Legion Post. Each hall would nominally be in the custody of the American Legion, but they were also to be made open to all veterans’ organizations." (Kimberly Butt AIA, Interactive Resource Inc., Historic Resources Evaluation, Memorial Hall, Crockett, CA May 2, 2012)

Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors approved a special tax for the purpose of building veterans memorial halls in the county during the Monday, March 20th, 1922, meeting.  (Contra Costa County, Supervisor's Records Volume 23, covering January 15, 1922 to November 19, 1923, page 30)



On May 21, 1923, The Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors authorized the purchase of the property for the Veterans Hall.  "In the matter of purchase of lands from R. J. Wallace, for purpose of building and maintaining a building or Memorial Hall for the use of patriotic, fraternal, or benevolent associations, for veterans soldiers, sailors, and marines who have served the United states honorably in any of its wars, and for all and every purpose for which same may be lawfully used." (Book 438 Deeds page 321)


The money for the purchase of the land for Brentwood Memorial Hall came from the County's "Veterans Soldiers Sailors and Marines Home Fund." Book 439 Deeds page 323


“Contra Costa County is notable among the Counties of the State in its memorials to World War I veterans. When the doughboys started overseas they were promised that when they returned, they could have ‘anything they wanted’. Making good on this promise, the Board of Supervisors has built a veterans’ memorial hall in each town in the County where there is an American Legion Post.” (An editorial from The San Francisco Chronicle (c.1923))



At the county level, the Board of Supervisors committed to build a Veterans Hall in each town with an American Legion Post. An editorial in the San Francisco Chronicle in the early 1920s recognized the efforts of the County Board: "Contra Costa county is notable among the counties of the State in its memorials to World War veterans. When the doughboys started over seas they were promised that when they returned they could have ‘anything they wanted.’ Making good this promise, the board of supervisors has built a veterans’ memorial hall in each town in the county where there is an American Legion Post. These are now being finished and dedicated. Walnut Creek dedicated its hall last Sunday. Danville hopes to open its hall on Washington’s Birthday."

Architectural drawings were completed in 1924 for the building.  The architect was Davis-Heller-Pearce Co., Delta Bldg., Stockton. (Building and Engineering News, 1925 Jan-June Part 1, January 10, 1925, pg. 13)



Bids were opened Feb. 2, 1925 in office of county clerk, and contract was awarded to G. H. Field Co., Antioch, at $16,485 with "Alternate B" deducted, and "Alternate D"-no charge. (Building and Engineering News, 1925 Jan-June Part 1, February 7, 1925, pg. 11)

The contract for the construction of the Brentwood Memorial Hall was awarded to George H. Field Company of Antioch by the board of supervisors, on their bid of $ 16,860 . This contract covers the construction of the last of the seven memorial halls to be built by the county. The Brentwood building is being erected under the direction of the Roy Frerichs Post of the American Legion. (History of Contra Costa County California, With Biographical Sketches, Historic Record Company, Los Angeles 1926, page 255)

Construction on the Hall was completed in 1925 and opened on September 26, 1925. (Daily Gazette-Martinez, Monday, Aug 31, 1925)



"The Soldier's Memorial Monument, a traditional sculptural memorial, was constructed in 1927 at the intersection of Victory Highway and Pacific and Redwood Highways. It was eventually moved, and now stands on Boyd Road in Pleasant Hill. A portion of the inscription on the sculpture reads, 'the Board of Supervisors caused to be erected memorial halls to be used by all veterans.'  The statement is followed by a list of sites, 'Antioch Crockett Brentwood Danville Pittsburg Martinez Walnut Creek Richmond.'" (



"By 1934, the following towns had memorial halls: Richmond, Martinez, Crockett, Walnut Creek, Pittsburg, Antioch, Concord, Brentwood, Danville, Port Chicago, and El Cerrito…Most of the structures were realized as "living memorials," meaning the buildings were constructed not only as a commemoration to veterans, but they also served functional purposes such as community centers, libraries, or town meeting halls." (



The County built a fire station on a portion of the parcel that was purchased for the Veterans Memorial Hall. The fire department subleased the property from the American Legion and the Adjoining Veterans Memorial Mall.  The county approved the construction of the Fire Station.  (Contra Costa Gazette, Saturday, June 12, 1937)  "Over the years, the fire station was expanded several times to accommodate a larger fire station to house fere trucks, equipment, offices, and personnel." (Letter to Supervisor Mary N. Piepho, District III, from Steven B. Van Horn, Senior Real Property Agent, 15 June 2006.)



January 24, 1938 the Brentwood Veterans Memorial Building was used as a movie theater.



"In 1955 the County established leases with the veterans service organizations for the building." (Letter to Supervisor Mary N. Piepho, District III, from Steven B. Van Horn, Senior Real Property Agent, 15 June 2006.)



"A new firehouse was built in 1937 on First Street, next to Veterans Memorial Hall. Replaced in 1957 by the current station on the same site, the old station’s office building remains between the hall and the new station, occupied by Operation Creekside’s military support organization." (Brentwood Press 2012



"It is interesting to note that there is a note in the margin handwritten by an unknown individual, apparently sometime prior to 1965, that states, "Note - On the next lease renewal - use only Lots 30, 31, 32, and NW'ly 5' of Lot29. (Drwg # M-207-61)." It appears that someone realized that the rest of the parcel was being used for other purposes, e.g. a fire station, and should not be a part of the Veterans' lease." (Letter to Supervisor Mary N. Piepho, District III, from Steven B. Van Horn, Senior Real Property Agent, 15 June 2006.)



In 1978 the County established the lot line seen here. The County had officially set a lot line, where none had been, because of disputes between the fire station and Veterans over the parking area. (Letter to Supervisor Mary N. Piepho, District III, from Steven B. Van Horn, Senior Real Property Agent, 15 June 2006.)


Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 10789 Sgt Charles R McCurtain, was mustered into the VFW on Dec 1, 1989.



The Delta Diablo Detachment 1155 of the Marine Corps League join the Brentwood Veterans Memorial Building.



The Brentwood Veterans Memorial Building Inc. (BVMB) was established as an independent entity in 2006, ensuring both financial transparency and a clear separation from the individual Veterans Service Organizations.



"In several communities, the memorial halls have been demolished, including Richmond, Pittsburg, Walnut Creek, and Lafayette. In recent decades, Contra Costa County no longer was able to appropriate funding to maintain all of its properties, and subsequently has deeded ownership of most of the remaining buildings to their respective communities." (


The County Seeks to reduce the size of the property used by Veterans to accommodate a larger fire station. 

County, veterans clash over downtown property. The Press, Sean Tongson, Correspondent (27 July 2023)

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